Picture Postcard Project

I have about 300 photo’s I took in the 1980’s to early 1990’s on 5×7 glossy that are mostly fine pictures of scenery or other randomness I really don’t want in a box any more, it’s time for old things to leave. I was thinking of turning them all into postcards, rather than trash. I like writing letters and sending cards but this is a lot. I don’t have that many friends.

That fine picture is straight off the glass of my phone! Here is the deal, you fill out a comment below with where you want it sent and what you want it to say. If it’s not something nice I won’t write it. And keep it short, it’s a postcard. I will hand write it (yep it’s sloppy). Each card will be signed on the back and If I remember anything about the shot I will write it down. I’m thinking $23 each, two for $40, including postage. Just fill out a comment with your request and I will get the message and you can pay via paypal or zelle. I won’t post your message unless you want to make it public and I will include a shot of the postcard you sent! Just a little something extra for your $23.

Is it expensive? Yep, but maybe after I die my work will become famous and these postcards with my signature will be getting auctioned off a Christies in 75 years. Then your grandkids will tell the story about how they could have been set for life if only you sent them some postcards instead of that Lego Set or stuffy.

If this project takes off I’ll post updates. The important thing is what you want to say not the art. I want to see what these pictures will look like after getting run through the mail machines and pawed by several mail carriers. This is perfect for when you are sitting in the airport, rather than look through the cheesy postcards at the gift shop, you get a real old photograph.

It would be great if the recipient of your postcard posted a selfie here with the card, the more the post office destroyed it the better.

So your reading this and thinking cool, where is the link to pick out a picture postcard? That would hardly be any fun, you will get a random card from the above stack, and I’ll draw a line down the middle on the back and start filling it out. (some have writing on the back, date/place).

If I took suggestions Car Crash would be gone first and I think there are about 20 of the crash. If you are interested it was a brand new Geo Storm, that lasted all of 2 months before I rolled it.

You may be thinking, can I just buy a few cards? At least pick a category. Not for now, I really want to see if this project works or not, if I get sick of looking at the pile I might change it up.

Leave a comment below if you just want to say something about the project or if you want to send someone a postcard that was made in the previous century.

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