Miss Sydney & the Downtown Saints

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This was the first show I photographed. I really have to give Tyler Vander Ploeg much gratitude. Back in 2007 we were playing in a band together and his amp broke, the repair shop wanted more to fix it than it was worth so I said I’ll take a crack at it, knowing nothing about electronics. Long story short, I got the amp fixed, and improved the tone, others agreed, that turned into a hobby that paid for itself and a passion for guitar tone, today Fromel Electronics is my main business, still going strong.

Fast forward to 2021 and Tyler asks if I would like to come take some photo’s of his band, this is that set at Workhorse in Edmonds, WA. I took nice pictures, others agreed and now this is a hobby that pays for itself, and I am passionate about imagery. I like how this is growing into something strong. So thanks Tyler!

Edmonds Center for the Arts

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I was blown away by this show. The last time I saw these guys it was a really great classic rock cover band. This was a show filled with beautiful original tracks and classic tunes that were not your typical bar band fare.

I did a video at the show as well, it was done with a single shot from my iPhone and edited in iMovie. I was going for a vibe that went from typical iphone shot of a concert on FB smoothly transitioning into a complete dream state. The video was not rehearsed, I had never heard the song before. This was the debut performance of this song as well. I just let the band know I might show up on stage and asked Sydney to sing with all the love she has. This fell into my camera….. I was blessed to be a part of this.

Gerald Johnson

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The show at Edmonds Center for the Arts was also the album release for Gerald Johnson. A lot of his originals were performed with the band. Gerald is an amazing musician and amazing human being. After all he is friends with the Space Cowboy and still knows how to Fly Like an Eagle.