About me

I spent some time taking pictures here and there, sometimes more, sometimes less. More so lately. When the pandemic was in full swing I spent time at the lake, in the evening taking pictures, I love watching the moon. When the pandemic started winding down I took my camera to a few music shows, then other places, other kinds of shows. During that time I found a new expression for my creativity.

As my portfolio grows I wanted a place to show off my non-commissioned work and a place where the artists I photograph, can direct their fans. If you are an artist interested in having your event show up on this site, I’m easy to get ahold of. I am based in Seattle but my passport is current.

If you are wondering if I am that same guy that makes the amps and pedals, that’s me (that’s my day job). I also have been known to sell a few houses.

I have a lot to say about a lot of things, but this site is about pictures. Some works or collections will have descriptions/titles, some will say nothing.

My pictures will never say the same thing or have the same meaning to the person on the other end of the lens. No one who sees my imagery will see what I see. Light not Light.