I take pictures of what I like. That means for performing arts I want to enjoy the show. I started bringing my camera to shows when the pandemic started winding down. My friend Tyler (Miss Sydney and the Downtown Saints) invited me to come and take some pics. Then I shot another show and another. Now I’m hooked. If you have a show worth seeing I want to shoot it.

For now my deal is pretty simple, I get a full access pass from the time of load in (AKA press pass). I also get at least one piece of all your swag, especially if you have Vinyl! And I want it all signed. Plus 1 at the door, no drink tics necessary. After that my fee ranges from nothing to pretty substantial. So if you sell out the Paramount and your not a former member of Bauhaus, I expect to get paid. I also love working with and supporting new and upcoming artists. I know what it’s like to get paid $50 and a slice of pizza for a long night. About a week after the event you will get a photo set from me and might get some video work. You will also get a page on this website of the set, with nice links to your website, social stuff and anything nice I might want to add. You get to use the shots for promo and I retain all the rights, if you want to publish anything we can talk about it.

I will travel and have my passport updated. Want me to go somewhere else, like San Francisco, Paris or Gainesville, GA? I’m game.

My imagery reflects what I see at the show, not what you want others to see. If I have any questions I will ask. If you have a certain look you are going for, I can’t promise you will get that, but you will see what I saw. If you like my other work, chances are you will be happy.

I am not a purist photographer in any way. It’s more imagery than photography to me. I love the all the tools that are available now. I can do things never possible when I was shooting film. So my final images fall somewhere between straight off the glass and heavily edited. I am currently shooting with a Fuji X-T2 body and mostly shoot with manual fixed lenses, many vintage. I edit using PhotoScape. Occasionally I use a Leica D-Lux 109, a D-Lux 3, and my iPhone (it’s really surprising what that thing can capture).

For now I am only doing commissioned work for Performing Arts: music, dance, theater, etc. If you have an event you think I might enjoy send me an email with the details.